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"I had to hoover at least 3 times a day around the litter box and I was sick of it. Bought this mat, and now I don't have to hoover every day. It's fantastic." - Aislynn, USA

Mess Free Litter Mat

Mess Free Litter Mat

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⦿ Works with all kinds of litter

⦿ 100% pet friendly

⦿ Easy Clean


30 day money back guarantee

Stop litter trailing through the house

Using a honeycomb, double layer design. Our litter mat stops the litter stuck in your cat's paws from reaching other rooms. All while helping you clean less & recycle more.

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Less Mess

Large enough to cover the litter box area. The mat makes litter disappear by trapping it before it reaches the clean floor. Pick up the mat & the litter falls through. Now just put it back in the cat litter box for reuse.


Save 30% on litter

Our mat allows you to recycle trailed unused litter back into the litter box, saving you up to 30% on the cost of litter.

Water-proof & easy to clean

Our mat has a water-proof non-slip bottom layer that helps protect your hardwood floors and carpets from accidental misses. It can easily be rinsed off with water. Or wiped clean.

Veterinarian approved

Our Adorapaws mat is made from lightweight and durable environmentally friendly EVA material. It's soft and comfortable on your kitties paws. Odorless and free from toxins. It's 100% safe and can be used with confidence.

We've helped 61,541 messy cat owners

  • Of customers let us know that they were having to clean around the litter tray 3 times less than before they had our mat

  • of customers reported that they spent significantly less on cat litter than they did when they had to use the hoover

  • Of customers said that their furry friend took no issue to the appearance of their new mat and took to it no problem

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Is this worth getting for pellet litter?

Yep! We have tried to accommodate all sorts of litter & it works great with pellet litter

How safe is this really?

Super safe. Our mat is 100% free from any harmful toxins. It's extra soft and won't harm any paws. Guaranteed,

Does stay in place on wooden floors?

Absolutely! The material on the bottom side of the mat is anti slip to stop your cat from sliding or moving it out of place.

What about shipping and delivery?

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