"My high maintenance, needy cat absolutely loves it! She keeps coming back to it"

- Robyn P,  AUS


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  • No More boredom

  • Keep Your Cat Active

  • Occupies Your Kitty When You're Not Home

  • No More Boredom

  • Keep Your Cat Active

  • Occupy Your Kitty When You're Not Home

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"My high maintenance needy cat absolutely loves it! She keeps coming back to it"


- Robyn P, AUS

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Keep Your Cat Busy For Hours

The PawBOX keeps your cat busy for hours. Even when you can't.  Saying bye going to work doesn't have to be filled with guilt. 

Fully charged, the spring can run for hours. And the proximity sensor makes sure your cat will always be the one to run out of charge first.  Because we all hate coming home to clawed sofas and pulled down curtains, right?

Made from ABS Eco - Friendly material, the PawBOX has no sharp edges and uses a soft spring so it's super cat friendly. No cat's were harmed in the playing of this toy,

4 Reasons Cats Love the PawBox

1. No more boredom

3. Occupies your cat when you're not home

2. Keep your cat active & healthy

4. Proximity activated technology

 Smart & Interactive Technology

The PawBOX is activated when your cat comes over to play. After around 5 seconds it springs into action. You can always hold your hand over the sensor to attract kitties attention. 

After your cat tires out and takes themselves off to their favourite towel cupboard or window ledge the box will automatically stop. So there's no unnecessary charge used. Perfect when you're out for the day.


How Do I Charge it?

You can charge it with the Type-C cable that comes in the box!

How Long Does The Battery Last?

The battery can last up to a week on one charge, assuming 50 minutes of time in use per day

Where Are Your Products Made & Shipped From?

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