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(New) ScratchShield - Furniture Protector

(New) ScratchShield - Furniture Protector

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⦿ Protect Expensive Furniture

⦿ Non Damaging Stick and Peel

⦿ Sticks To Any Surface


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Stop your cat scratching your furniture. 

We know cat's scratch furniture for a number of reasons. One of them being maintaining a fit bill of health. Unfortunately that comes at a cost. This natural behaviour can turn The best looking couch into the worst.

Shouting a them isn't fair. Our scratchsheild enables your cat to keep this healthy habit, and you to keep your expensive furniture looking its best.

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Damage Prevention

Cat are naturally drawn to rough-textured surfaces for their scratching needs. Unfortunately this is usually our furniture.

The Scratch Shield is designed to help your cat carry out this healthy behaviour all while protecting your prized furniture.

Easy Peel and stick to apply

Easy Installation

Our Scratch Shield is made with a strong back adhesion that securely holds the mat in place. It comes off as easily as it goes on - Without leaving unwanted marks or residue

Use Anywhere

The Scratch Shield can be placed and cut to fit on any of your kitty's favourite spots.

Place on a wall and watch them climb, or cover up the frayed carpet spot that has fallen victim to a good scratch.

It's perfect for living rooms that don't have the space for an oversized scratching post.

Veterinarian approved

The Scratch Shield is made from high quality, non toxic material. It's interlinked for extra durability and is 100% kitty safe. It can be used with the utmost confidence.

We've helped 54,389 cat owners

  • Of customers let us know how much their cat's love their new scratch mat

  • of customers reported that they were less stressed about letting their cat scratch their furniture

  • Of customers said how impressed they were with how easy it was to place on

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